Services (including Telehealth services)


Counselling provides a safe space for narrative and active listening and developing practical steps in self-help, through deepening insight into the subconscious and unconscious levels of our patterns and habits. Stress is a factor in most medical conditions, in chronic diseases and in chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Counselling is important for stress management, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, relational issues and work-related issues.

Focus Psychological Strategies (FPS), are applied in healing mental and emotional pain, such as guilt. Simple meditative practices in mindfulness and heartfulness are utilised to enhanced self-worthiness, confidence, self-inspiration and self-mastery.

General Medical Practice

Dr Chan provides general medical services. This includes management of complex chronic medical disease, chronic pain and for those receiving treatment from other doctors and are looking for extra support, or for patients at major crossroads or challenges in their life.

Please note: Dr Chan does not provide procedural medicine such as minor surgeries, vaccinations, cervical smear tests, STD examinations, contraceptive advice, newborn check-ups, acute trauma, accident and emergency medicine. We do not provide after-hours services.
For medical emergencies please phone 000.


Acupuncture is a simple method that follows the laws of science and biophysics. It is used to give relief from stress, discomfort and pain in the body-mind. A healthy body functions as flow of homeostasis, such as the flow of blood, lymphatics and energy through the organs, nervous system and at the cellular level. Dis-ease occurs when there is a traffic-jam in this natural flow in our psycho-biophysics. Acupuncture is using needles like a conductor for flow and a release of traffic-jam. Dr Chan practices Chinese, Japanese and empirical acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine offers simple herbal supplements useful in supporting healing and filling in the gaps that modern medicine may be unable to treat, such as fatigue from post-infection, surgery, trauma, chronic diseases, chronic pain, organ dysfunction and side-effects from complex modern drug treatments such as Chemotherapy and radiation. Chinese Medicine draws from experience and recorded knowledge, gained over the last 3 thousand years.

Telehealth Appointments

This is an option for consultations when you are unable to come for face to face appointments due to travelling difficulties or social/medical reasons. Telehealth consultations are claimable through Medicare, provided that there has been a face to face consultation within the last 12 months.

Is your next appointment using VideoCall? Please click this link 15 minutes before your appointment.

Proactive, Preventative and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Chan calls his work Mind-Body-Heart Wisdom Medicine (see further details including retreats, workshops, monthly gatherings and newsletter).

Appointment Cancellation or Non-attendance

Please note, a minimum notice of 24 hours is required for all appointment changes or cancellations. This allows other patients to take the appointment. Appointments cancelled or changed with less than 24 hours’ notice (other than for a medical emergency) will incur a fee of $40. For after-hours notice of cancellation, please leave a message on our answering machine, as this will provide proof of your cancellation.